10 Tips to Start Your Art Collection


Begin Your Contemporary Art Collection

For most people, the idea of collecting original, art can be a daunting thought. This is because knowing what to buy, when to buy, and establishing the actual value of the artworks you purchase involves a lot of hard work and research. Follow these 10 tips for getting your art collection started.

1. Forget the issue of rules

Collecting art is all about you and what captures your attention. You should therefore avoid taking an academic approach towards things. Nothing should dictate your creative outlook.

2. Don’t make purchases based on value

When starting your art collection, make sure you buy what you like. Don’t focus on getting the next big item; just go with your gut and what makes you feel good.

3. Purchase the big stuff

When it comes to art, don’t be afraid to purchase the big items. Too many small pieces will not be easy to hang up; whereas a big canvas can easily make the statement you want.

4. A canvas

Going with a canvas piece of art will enable you to save on framing costs.

5. Affordable framing

It is important that you find a framer who knows what they are doing and can offer you a fair price for services rendered.

6. Hang it low

Art pieces should be hanged at eye level, which is a bit low. You should also purchase quality hangers to avoid any accidents.

7. Make direct contact with the artist

When it comes to buying art, try contact the artist directly. Contrary to what some people may think, artists are just regular people who you can locate with a bit of research.

8. Purchase it once you see it

Collecting art usually means being the first to make an offer to an artist. If you are too slow or unsure about yourself, someone else will come and swoop the piece you were eyeing right from under your nose, and trust me, that will not be a good experience for you.

9. Don’t lose any documentation

During the early phases of your art collection endeavor, make sure you save all the relevant business receipts, artists contact information, and labels from back of the pieces you purchase.

10. Don’t go overboard when it comes to matching your

Contemporary art isn’t supposed to match your furniture or house setting precisely. Any piece you buy should be about the emotions that it can stir deep within you.

Modern and Southwest Art Decor From Nieto

Creating a wonderful, meaningful, and beautiful art collection takes time and persistence. The good thing is that its rewards go way beyond our materialistic needs. So no matter how long it takes, you will discover that it worthy cause.