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Nieto Fine Art: Artists

Large 30x30 seated fig single  2

Gloria Gaddis

Scottsdale, AZ

Painting is a process of becoming. Painting involves risks and rewards; tangible and intangible ideas; plus my work incorporates the universal and personal (subjective & objective) into a single view.

Painting helps me extend my vocabulary beyond mere words into the realm of the imagination. I have no way of predicting the “final” look of my work. It is more like a dance; a give & take; and a rhythm of many working relationships; aware of possibilities as they emerge.

So, how do I know when a painting is finished? When all the parts are working in harmony. When I am empty and it is full. When I know that one more move will alter everything or change the entire meaning of the work.

In the end, we all return to what we know and in the process, we may see something NEW in ourselves, our times or our culture. This is the way it is with my work. There are elements of surprise, transitions of color and movement, and struggles between chaos and calm. These are the ambiguities of life.

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